July 22, 2024

Bad Way To Get Envelopes Opened

Good Morning
I’ve been getting mail with the correct company and address but with someone else’s name on it. I thought it would make a great weekly tip until I talked to a friend who also owns a business and who is also getting letters wrongly addressed. Even Charter Communications, from whom I get a correctly addressed letter per week, is now sending letters with the wrong name.
At first I would open the letter to see what was inside (read the letter) before throwing it out. One letter even included a fake Discover card;I was even going to call the letter sender until I looked very closely at the back of the card.
I’m not sure if this practice of sending letters with the wrong name is improving their open and response rate, and I’m not sure I’ll try it or recommend it, but I will do more research on this and let you know what I find.
By the way, if you run into David Graling, Benjamin Morris or William Snyder, tell them I have their mail and I want to know why they aren’t at work.
Till next week

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Philip Freedman

Doctor of Customer Retention