July 18, 2024

Build Life Time Value In Your Customers

Good Morning
One of the main themes of GKIC and the Marketing & Money-Making SuperConference, as well as what a friend and I talked about yesterday, is that you make a sale to get a customer instead of getting a customer to make a sale.
Most businesses go after customers to make a sale and then go find more customers to make more sales. And you’re thinking, well yea, that’s how you stay in business!
Yes, but there is a better way, and that is to keep customers coming back time and time again, building repeat business and increasing their lifetime value.
I’ve talked to many business owners who need business and want to go after new customers. When I ask some basic questions, I find out that they have a list of past customers that we can market to, but it will take some work to get the list in shape to use. Instead of going after people who know, like, trust and HAVE DONE business with the business, the owners would rather go after new customers who maybe never have heard of the business.
It is much more profitable and cheaper to stay in contact with and market to current and past customers. So stop going after customers to make a sale and start making sales to get and keep customers.
You will still need new customers to maintain and grow your business, but not as many as before.
Remember: Staying in contact with current and past customers is a lot cheaper that getting new ones!
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