July 23, 2024


Good Morning,
Last week I tried to write a marketing tip, but Constant Contact would not cooperate. They upgraded their editor, and it would no longer allow me to copy the tip from the previous week and edit it for the current week, a trick I learned years ago so I wouldn’t have to recreate the wheel each time.
Well now I have had to recreate the wheel! Yes, the new editor has a bunch of new features and tools and, who knows, you might even see them here from time to time.
Maybe I’m getting old and set in my ways (no, that can’t be it), but I get used to doing things a certain way, and then because some designer gets a bug up their you-know-what, they want to change everything, “make it easier, or since we want to add all these new features, why don’t we just change everything!”
I’m for change but not just to change things. And I understand that sometime you have to change everything to get all the new stuff in; I really do! If you don’t change and move forward, you become obsolete and die.
Just remember: The only constant in life is change, so embrace it and move forward!
Till next time.