July 18, 2024

Chapter 2 You’re Wasting Money By Not knowing Your Customer

Good Morning

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Most businesses have no idea who their customer is or why the customer does business with them. The owner will assume they know as much as they need to know and go on from there.

With incomplete or totally wrong assumptions, it is no wonder that advertising/marketing does not get the responses the owner wants and ends up not only wasting money but developing a philosophy that advertising does not work, because “I tried it once and it did not work.”

Well of course it did not work, and it won’t. Chances are, you are sending the wrong message to the prospect and maybe even using the wrong media. You probably picked the media based on its cost. Maybe some salesperson talked you into it because they were having a sale or special offer, or because they said they could expose you to a lot of prospects. (Let’s hope they are your prospects and not just people who would not do business with you.)

OK, let’s step back and correct this situation.

You have to find out all about your current customers and how they like to get their information.

Next week – I’ll write about how to do this and what comes next.

Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!

Philip Freedman

Doctor of Customer Retention