July 18, 2024

Doing more to get the word out

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I was taking a client’s post cards to the post office when I noticed a company truck advertising that it provides packaging services to manufacturers, the blister package/cardboard package. I thought, I need to remember that company in case someone needs that service.
That got me thinking: Some businesses go out and solicit business with what some call aggressive (most call normal) advertising. While others will just put their message out to their Facebook list and think that they are getting the word out effectively. Another day I will explain why this is not a good strategy. Still others will go to networking or leads groups hoping to build their business, albeit slowly, one customer at a time.
When getting customers, you have to not only go after the few who are ready to use you and are seeking you out.  But also the majority of people are not yet ready to use you or don’t even know they need you. You will get them with repetitive messaging explaining why they need you.

You can either wait for people to come to you or you can go out and introduce yourself and your business to people who match your profile but are not yet using you. Which one will you choose to increase your business?

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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

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