July 17, 2024

Element You Need in Your Offer

Good Morning  

A few weeks ago I wrote about some elements that you need in your offer to get more customers for your business. This week I am going to mention a couple more.

 Free gift/premium or bonus. These can add perceived value to your offer. In fact I know people who will purchase the offer only because it’s the only way to get the free gift or bonus. Also make sure that you always give the premium a dollar value to maximize its impact.

 Another element to offer is a trial of the product or service. A free trial, sample free demo or free preview can be used to show how good or easy to use the product or service is. HBO offers FREE preview weekends. How many times have you had a FREE taste of something at the supermarket? It also overcomes the objection “This sounds too good to be true.”

 A third element that you need to include is payments and terms.

Do you make it easy for potential customers to give you money? Can you and do you offer payment plans, take cash, checks, electronic transfers of funds, credit cards, PayPal? I have purchased a lot of things because the seller offers 3 easy payments of $X. Different payment options can mean additional sales.

 Add these elements to your offer, and watch your sales increase.

Till next week – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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