July 15, 2024

Keep Marketing Or Else!

Good Morning
I just took over the marketing of the first location of Noble Roman’s pizza in Texas. The location has been open for a number of months. What I found out was that the previous owner had handed out some flyers the first few days the shop was open and then stopped. I was told that the previous owner said, “giving out flyers doesn’t work.”
He gave up the business because he had no customers. I talked to one employee and asked about the few customers they do get. The most common comment he heard was, “I just found you, did you just open?” This after they had been open for months.
I had one of the employees go door to door Tuesday to area businesses with pizza samples and flyers (I think the same ones he had previously given out) and the store had the best Tuesday ever.
People were unaware it was there. The point is that you have to stay in contact with your market or they forget about you very quickly.
Need help staying in contact with your market?
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Philip Freedman

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