July 22, 2024

Sales Mistakes That You Make!

Good Morning,
Now that you answer the phone, return calls when people leave a message, you have sales leads and people want to talk to you about what you offer. Now you have to become the dreaded SALESPERSON!!
Most professionals do not consider themselves salespersons. They say or think, “I’m a professional not a salesperson,” whether they are dentists, lawyers, real estate agents, plumbers or any other number of professionals. But they are, and if they are the owner then they are also the best person to sell. They have a vested interest and are the most knowledgeable about their own business.
Because these professionals do not consider themselves salespeople, they tend to make a bunch of mistakes that cause sales to be lost.
Here are five common mistakes they make:

  1. Winging it! Just going with the flow.
  2. Talking too much! Why let them say anything.
  3. Prescribing before diagnosing! Show off how much they know.
  4. Continuing to talk when they should be closing!
  5. Answering the objection by making the prospect feel wrong!

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