July 22, 2024

Summer almost over, now what

Good Morning

As the vacation season is coming to an end, most of us are getting back to running our businesses and realizing that we need to be getting our current, past and new customers back through the doors or getting the phones to ring.

Now, before Labor Day, plan out your marketing for the rest of the year and then act on it.

Don’t look at marketing as a cost, but as an investment in growing your business, just like when you invest in a piece of equipment. If you invest $200 to get the message out and it brings in $2,000, isn’t that a good investment?

If you need help in planning out your marketing, I can help you; just call me at 817-282-0443 or email me at tfc@freedcom.com.


Now, Getting The Word Out About Your Business

Has Never Been Easier!

500 – 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 full color post cards for only $277

This includes printing, addressing and POSTAGE!

 Just supply your art and list and we do all the rest. Call 817-282-0443 or email Phil@freedcom.com to get started.

 That’s all for now!


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