July 18, 2024

What You Said

Last week I conducted a survey of workshops that I am thinking about presenting this year and I wanted input on subject matter, format and other items.

 First, let me give you some of the results. Then I’ll share why surveys can help your business grow.

 On subject matter, here’s what you prefer.

No. 1: Marketing that works for a small business.

No. 2: How to get more customers and achieve your life goals.

No. 2 (tie) Using mail plus the Internet to grow your business.

 Most would like to see these programs presented as a Webinar followed by a live 90-minute workshop/seminar. If a live program, have it during lunch or the afternoon.

 All this information is very helpful to me in planning out my year. It also lets me know what you want. Giving our clients what they want is what we business owners should be doing.

 Most small business owners assume they know what their customers want – the product or service they are selling, not necessarily what the customer wants or needs. Maybe this is why so many businesses go out of business within the first year.

 Using surveys is a great way to find out what your customers think and more importantly what they want from you. With this information you can now give (sell) them what they want.

 Your customers appreciate you more because you’re showing you care about their opinions. This a great way to communicate with your customers, and you should use it.

 Need help planning out your marketing and growing your business? Then call me about my special and its guarantee.

Till next week -Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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