July 18, 2024

Why Your Sales Are Down!

Good Day
I have been rereading Chet Holmes’ “The Ultimate Sales Machine.” I got to the point in the book where he writes about there being three types of executives and I thought I would share them with you and let you see which one you are.
The first type is the “tactical executive,” a category into which some 90% of executives fall. These people think only in terms of making the sale today. If you tell them that it’s more difficult to get an appointment, much less a sale than it was 10 years ago, then they will think of ways to make their sales team or themselves try harder.
The next group is the “strategic executives.” These people form about 9% of executives and often look at situations from the “big picture” or global perspective. They create concepts, ideas and strategies but are not good at or interested in tactics. A lot of their plans never get implemented.
The last group (the remaining 1%) comprises the people who have both tactical and strategic abilities. As you can guess, they have the abilities to develop the big ideas as well as the discipline and as important the determination to make sure the strategies get implemented at the tactical level.
I have two questions for you: Which one are you? And if you’re not the strategic/tactical person, can you team up with or find your counterpart to make your business even more successful?
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