July 23, 2024

Your customer only want one so why waste the money?

 It happens every few weeks. This time I got three pieces of mail from Printing For Less, a printing and direct mailing company (like what I do, but without the marketing help). Inside the mailing they offered a $250 gift. Now one piece is addressed to me, Phil Freedman, owner, Freedman Co. The other two are addressed to Jerrold Rosenberg, VP and Graling David, (should be David Graling) Managing Director. I know neither of these two men nor have they ever worked for me. I did some research on Freedman Co. and found a CPA firm named Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman out of Bethesda, MD.
I also got 3 to 4 mail pieces all addressed to me the same way, not one to Phil Freedman, Philip Freedman,or Philip M. Freedman, just Philip Freedman all at the same address!
Ok, so what does this mean to you, and how do you save money? If you need to buy a mailing list, make sure you get a good one from a good company. I work with a few that sell good lists. Also have the list company remove your competition from the list.
Remove the duplicates from your list. I know in my own client/prospect mailing list, I’ve had and have duplicates. To get rid of them, I run the deduping program of my mailing software and then go through the list manually to make sure the program did not miss any. This saves me money in extra printing and postage.
If you want to save money and get the word out at the same time, let me clean your list if you have one or get you a good list. And I can also help you develop and mail your marketing materials.


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