July 23, 2024

Added Service, Wow

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Thank you to everyone who sent me kind words about last week’s tip on NTTA great (not) customer service!

I was reading this week’s edition of one of the best marketing blogs around, “Denny Hatch’s Marketing Blog.” For those who have not heard of Denny Hatch, he founded and ran “Who’s Mailing What” archive service, and he and his wife ran and published “Target Marketing” magazine for years. Denny wrote  for many years a great last page column. If you would like a link to his blog please contact me.

This week he wrote about Don Jackson on how to WOW customers. Denny gave plenty of examples of doing very little things to Wow customers. Such as enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope for customers to send their payment back (in pre-internet, on line payment days).
When we handle a client’s mailing, I add my name and address as well as my client’s to the mailing. I do this in order to track how long the post office takes to get the mailing into the mailboxes. Also I have found over the years that clients tend to forget to keep a sample of their mailing and this is a great way for them to get their sample just like their customer would.
I try my best to let my clients know when I receive my copy of their mailing in the mail so they can look out for theirs. They appreciate it! it’s like including batteries in a purchase that normally is not included. 
It’s the little things you do to make your customer’s life better and easier that endear them to you and keep them loyal to you.
One of the other things I like about Denny Hatch’s blog is that he has great quotes from some of the world’s greatest marketing and advertising professionals. So I’ll end with 2 quotes and a question:
What are you doing to WOW and endear your customers to you?
“Always under-promise and over-deliver.” – Marilyn Black, legendary direct marketing consultant. “When the product arrives, ideally it should be better than what the customer expected.” -Marilyn Black **********                                                                                                                      Want a free checklist on 7 Proven, Powerful Ways To Increase Income? Just Click here to download it.                                                                                    

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