July 18, 2024

Advertising Lessons From Elections

Good Morning

April/ May in Texas is the municipal election season, and as a lettershop/direct mail company I do political mailing. Over the past 25 plus years I have not only done the mailings, I have consulted and even managed a campaign or two.

About a week ago someone running for office called me and asked if I could send out about 800 letters for them. The letters were already inserted into the envelopes. I told them that it would be next to impossible for me to use our machines to address and place a permit on them. The best thing they could do was get a bunch of supporters to hand address them and then put a stamp on them. That would get the envelopes open more than machine addressing them with a bulk mail permit on it.

This is not what they wanted to hear. It meant they would have to do some hard work and spend more money then they wanted, but again it would have gotten the envelope opened.

According to a Pitney Bowes Mail Openability Study, after having an envelope correctly addressed to the person, the second most important factor in getting an envelope opened is the type of postage used (stamp, postage meter imprint or permit mail). The study found that a handwritten address with a stamp and a return address was the most opened. Lowest was generic person (occupant) machine printed or label, with bulk mail permit and no return address or sender name.

Yes, it costs, but it costs more to have the envelope thrown in the trash unopened!

What gets opened and read the most is POSTCARDS! You don’t have to open them, and people read them or look at them while sorting through their mail. Then they decide if they are interested.

There are ways to get your envelope opened if you want or need to send a letter in a envelope. Contact me if you want to know how.

Want to reach into your prospects’ and customers’ minds? Watch what the people running for office at all levels do. Collect samples of what materials you do get and use the ones you like or are effective as a starting point for your own promotions.

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