July 23, 2024

‘Avoid An Audit’ Will Make You Money

Good Day
It’s almost tax day. This year the day is April 18, the day we all dread. And you know what happens if you don’t file: you have to deal with the IRS and maybe risk an audit. Why am I bringing all this up? Other than to remind you of your legal obligation, I bring this up because it’s topical and because it’s a great example of pain. People will do things to move away from pain. In fact more people will move away from pain than will move toward pleasure.
What does this have to do with you and your business?
A lot of businesses will try to sell from a pleasure point. “You will get great pleasure, happiness, joy, fulfillment, etc., from using our product or service.” Yes, this will sell but a more effective strategy would be to come from a pain avoidance point. Which one would draw your interest – “Get this special report on the 5 secrets you can use to avoid an IRS audit” vs. “Get this special report on 5 steps you can take for a more pleasant experience preparing your taxes.”
More people will opt for the first one. If you really want to be effective when planning your advertising piece, look for how you can pull people from the pain to the pleasure, using both at once. ‘Get this special report on the 5 secrets that will help you avoid an IRS audit and at the same time make the filing of your taxes the most pleasant experience you’ve ever had.’
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