July 17, 2024

Goal Setting, Still Time

Good Day
To everyone who sent me their numbers, Thank You. I’m putting the finishing touches on the email marketing calendar and should be sending it to you by next week if not sooner.
You can still get your FREE 2016 Email Marketing Calendar, which shows the best days to send out your email. This calendar includes B2B as well as B2C and is based on over 30,000 campaigns (3 billion transmitted messages). By emailing me or replying to this email with your total number of contacts in your email list, I’ll email you back the calendar.
Remember, the only way to get this profit-making calendar is to send me your number of contacts at Phil@TheFreedmanCompany.com
At the networking group, we talked about New Year’s resolutions and how many people made them (just a few), how many are still keeping them (even fewer). But when asked, lots of people had set business goals for this year. Three of us even got up in front of everyone else and shared our goals.
We are still less than a month into 2016, so you still have time to plan out and start working on your goals. Some of the most common business goals: getting more customers, increasing visibility, becoming more productive and getting more referrals!
I’d like to share one of my goals, besides getting more referrals. One of my goals is to resume speaking in front of groups and organizations. I like to be in front of a group at least once a month. My talks will include “9 Secrets Businesses Use To Beat Their Competition.”
If you are in charge of getting speakers for your group and you would like me to speak, just contact me. In the meantime, and there is still time, sit down and write out your business goals for 2016 and then start working on them before the end of the month.
Until next week,
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 Philip Freedman
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“Nothing Happens Until We Take Concept To Implementation.”