July 15, 2024

Money Mailers Ads How To Make Them Better

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Wednesday I got a Money Mailer (registered trademark) envelope in the mail. I opened it and went through it. What I found was that not every business (22) used both side of the paper to get their message across (33 did). I have a feeling that the 22 could not justify the expense vs. the investment in growing their business.
Almost all of them had discount coupons so were only going after the low-hanging fruit, the people who were ready and wanting to buy now. I’ll tell you how I know this later.
The one business I really liked was for Just Tree Removal and Stump Grinding. The call to action was to call for a free estimate. The only other information besides a photo of a big tree was that a certified arborist was on staff and apparently someone was fully licensed & insured. There was no reason why I should use their service. No strong call to action, not even a discount coupon! I would love to know their response rate, conversion to sales and average sale.
Most of these ads are put together by the Money Mailers graphics department, which means that the designers have a very limited amount of time to produce each ad for each of the Money Mailer franchises around the country. They have developed templates and just drop in the new information and then move on to the next one.
None of the ads talked about my pain or shared with me their Unique Selling Propositions. One did have a testimonial, and three had third- party recommendations.
How did I know they were all going after the low-hanging fruit?
No one offered any information or anything to people not yet ready to buy. They did not offer them any way to raise their hand and say stay in contact me; I might buy in the future.
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