July 18, 2024

PPC,CTR, $$$???

Good Morning
You have your website up, the company Facebook page, as well as Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TicTok. You are getting some but not a lot of people viewing all your sites, some likes and a few shares, but not much business. What do you do?
You can use direct mail to drive new customers to your business. Or you can use pay-per-click advertising (PPC). With PPC your ad appears above the search engine results when someone picks one of the keywords you bid on. When done right, it can be very effective at driving qualified traffic to your sites and more than pays for itself.
It is very easy to lose your money and not get any results when buying PPC ads. By either learning and following best practices, which means having the correct keywords and compelling clickable ads, you can produce a good click-through rate (CTR).
Or you can hire a company do to it all for you. Just hope you hire a company that knows what they are doing.
Even if you do hire a company to handle your PPC, you should know the best practices and pay attention to small details that everyone else in your industry is neglecting.
In the next few tips I will be sharing a number of tricks for crafting, compelling, clickable ads. I will go over

  • Eye-grabbing headlines and descriptions that yell “I’m relevant to your need!”
  • Calls to action that reinforce desires and create urgency
  • Creating copy capable of earning high Quality Scores without feeling like spam
  • And some advanced and unusual strategies.

Next up: Expanded Text Ads.
Till next time.