July 23, 2024

Sales Tax Free Weekend

Good Morning  

This weekend August 9-11 is the back-to-school tax-free weekend here in Texas. That means a number of items related to back to school is for sale tax free. The state will not charge (in my area) 8.25% sale tax on a long list of items. If you’re a store owner or work in retail you know what that means – BIG sales!
If you are not in retail, have kids in school or need anything on the list, it usually means you stay away from the stores, unless you really like crowds. Think Black Friday only very, very HOT (should be 100 degrees out this weekend)!
How can you benefit from sales-tax-free weekend? Before I explain, let me give credit to the furniture industry. They have used this technique successfully for years, and you can do the same.
You pay the sales tax, instead of collecting it from your customers, thus giving them a discount. If you don’t charge sales tax them give them a discount equal to the tax rate. If you do this, you will probably be the only business in your industry or in your area to do so, which means you can stand out in your marketplace if you do your marketing properly.    
Till next time, Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action NOW!

Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
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