July 15, 2024

Customers that you have lost and how to get them back

Most businesses are always trying to get new customers through their doors, spending great amounts of money and time on getting the word out, whether it’s Valpack, Ad pages, Web sites, Facebook, Groupon or any other marketing method.

Most businesses overlook the second-best customer there is! Their past, old, previous, former customer. In fact most businesses have none to very poor or very hard-to-access records on their customers. It’s no wonder that they are spending time and money on getting new ones instead of making money from their current and older customers.

Since businesses do such a lousy job of staying in touch with their current customers, it’s no wonder that they have past or former customers, better known as lost customers.

Businesses need to stay in constant contact with their current customers to prevent them from becoming past customers and then lost customers. You can bring back some of your lost customers by contacting them and re-establishing the relationship you once had.

Most businesses lose customers because their customers forget about the business.

It’s not your customer’s job to remember about you, but your job to remind your customers to use you!

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