July 22, 2024

Internet Only Good for Searchers

Good Day
I meet a lot of people who are marketing their businesses on the Internet. Good for them. For many, though, that is their main method of marketing their business. They will use SEO (search engine optimization) for their website, Google Maps, emailing, Facebook, and maybe YouTube and others.  They are trying to make it as easy as possible for “searchers” to find them. Again, good for them. Committed searchers are very valuable; they usually end up buying.
When we use the Internet to help the committed searchers find us, we run the risk of becoming dependent on people who already want to buy. We are going after only the low-hanging fruit. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Who doesn’t like low-hanging fruit? But businesses who do this exclusively miss out on all the first-time or virgin buyers who are not looking or may not even know they want or need what you have to offer. With a first-time buyer, you have a special status and you get their money in your category before anyone else.
Let’s take the example of people going out to eat. Some who already know what they want will go online and check out a few sites and choose. But what about the ones who do not search either because they have a place they always go to or they are not planning to eat out. However, if they were to get an “irresistible offer” in the mail, they might be motivated to come by, try the place out, and possibly even keep coming back. Also let’s not forget people who just moved into an area. Do you really want to leave them to the random chance of Internet browsing?
Direct mail and other forms of direct response marketing can and do create proactive prospecting in advance of interest or create interest from scratch, where none has existed before, thus pre-empting the competition.
Here’s the question you should be asking yourself: What are you doing to find your next customer before they begin looking for you or someone like you, your competition?
You need to develop a system to reach customers before they know they need you! Call or email me now and we can talk!
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 Philip Freedman
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