July 23, 2024

Key Element of Marketing

 I had a birthday earlier this month and this week I’m celebrating my wedding anniversary plus another anniversary! What am I celebrating? This week marks my 2nd year of writing my weekly marketing tips. I’ve written almost 100 tips. I would like to thank everyone for all your kind words and suggestions. In fact, if you have any other suggestions, please email me. Also if you have questions that you would like answered, email them as well.

 Now on to this week’s tip

 If you’re planning on getting a boost in business for the last quarter of the year, now is the time to finish your planning and start to take action.

Most people rush through the planning stage and go right into the execution phase, and this is where most things go wrong. Mistakes will happen when you rush.

When you take your time and plan out the steps you have to take, making sure that you are marketing to the proper group with the right message using the media that they are most responsive to, you will get results.

 But what happens most of the time is that we all of a sudden realize that we need more sales and we rush to get something – anything -out. This is where mistakes happen. We end up wasting time and money and get no or very little results. And human nature is to look around to place blame, and who do we blame? Everyone and everything except ourselves.

Take the time now and plan out your marketing whether it’s for the last few months of this year or for next and you’ll get the results that you want.

If you would like some help, just let me know.