July 18, 2024

No Money For Android

Good Day
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I saw a Super Bowl commercial, and it took me a few times to figure out who did it. Now I’m trying to figure out why I should buy their product. The commercial is the puppy-monkey-baby commercial for one of Mountain Dew’s products. The other commercial is the 88 Keys from Android. I thought maybe they were selling pianos or piano lessons and it was just sponsored by Android. I’m still not sure what Android is selling. By the way the comments on commercial YouTube page talk about how wonderful the commercial was, but not one of the ones I read said they would go out and buy an Android because of it.
I wonder if their sales went up because of the commercials?
Their ad agencies convinced them to spend money (lots of it) on these and other commercials that don’t fully explain what they are selling and more importantly don’t ask for the sale. The great thing is that everyone makes money, and no one get the blame when sales do not increase.
Can you afford to spend money on advertising like Android’s that looks great but makes no sales, or would you rather spend it on direct response marketing that asks for the sales and makes you money?
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 Philip Freedman
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