August 4, 2021

Make Them Believe

Good Morning ,Most of the time I delete unwanted emails unread, but every so often I stop and read one or two before I delete them. They are all the same, cold and uncaring about me and my needs. All they want to do is take my money and sell me something. No wonder a .25% -.5% response rate is … [Read more...]

Get Your Emails Opened

Good Morning   76 of every 100 emails are immediately trashed and never read!That's 55 TRILLION unopened emails per year worldwide! Your emails are part of that group. Most people spend time working on their email message, making sure it's clear and perfect. But when it comes to the subject … [Read more...]

No Money For Android

Good Day Come by the HEB Chamber Expo this Friday from 10-3 at the Hurst Conference Center, say hello, have some chocolate, enter my drawing and learn how to receive the Amazing Email Marketing Calendar that shows you the best days of the month and times to send out your emails. ***** I saw a … [Read more...]