July 15, 2024

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Good Morning

I was going to write on something totally different, but then as I do almost every evening, I drove past the local Popeye’s Chicken. As I drove by tonight (I wrote this Wednesday night), I noticed cars all around the place and out on the frontage road of the freeway. I noticed it the other day as well. All or most of these people were waiting in line for a chicken sandwich. I have heard people tell me how great this sandwich tastes. 
Of course the first time Popeye’s offered it, they ran out. However, the “social influencers” got theirs and talked about how great it was. I’m wondering if this was part of Popeye’s plan: roll out  a new product with not enough of the product and get it in the hands of “social influencers’ and have them say great things about it. I would not be surprised if they were paid to say what they did!Then they delayed the “resupply” of the sandwich to build up demand and create FREE media attention worth millions. Now with the release and build up of interest you have lines of people who want to try this chicken sandwich. 
Folks, this is a chicken sandwich. Unless it is made with very rare special chicken breast and covered with hard-to-get truffles and other exotic ingredients, is it worth the waiting in lines? Come on; it’s just a freaking chicken sandwich, and the people waiting in line or will be, bought into all the hype! 
The next time someone tells you that marketing/advertising doesn’t work and is a waste of money, remind them of the lines for Popeye’s chicken sandwich. This just shows that marketing done right really does work! 
By the way, here is an additional thought – If Popeye’s had half a brain they would give everyone a bounce back coupon, but they don’t, so they won’t and will lose a bunch of new repeat customers.   
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