July 18, 2024

Who Are You Selling To

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Selling. That’s is the most important job that you have as the owner of your business. If you don’t sell, you don’t have a business. I’ve know owners who have told me, “I don’t have to sell; I have salespeople.” My answer was, “Yes, you do, but when a big customer calls, do you help with the call? Do you visit large customers? Do you make calls with your sales people?” I usually get a well, yes.
Do you ever talk to someone and you seem to be getting along, but not really; you are butting heads and having a hard time getting your point across? Chances are that you were not matching or communicating in the style of the other person. As you make sales calls, you need to know the type of person you’re dealing with so your call can go smoothly.
There are basically four types of buyer personas: Introspective/Competitive, Impulsive/Spontaneous, Practical/Methodical and Enthusiastic/Humanistic. (These types are also known under other names).
Here are ways you can identify each type:
Introspective/Competitive – This type of person makes up 5-15% of the population and is self-driven, intelligent and intensely focused. They are quick and logical decision-makers. They also tend to stay detached and can see things from other people’s points of view. They also are skeptical and demand competence from other people. They are the leader of the group. Introspectives are guarded in sharing information, but direct in their communications. They want the ‘bottom-line’ and don’t like small talk. The question they ask: What?
Impulsive/Spontaneous – this type of person makes up 30-35% of the population and is emotionally driven, creative and seeks to be the “life-of-the-party.” They are quick witted and make decisions quickly and emotionally. As independent thinkers, they prefer immediate action rather than making plans for the future. Impulsives excel in business because of their flexibility and adaptiveness. They tend to be the influencer of the group and they are also open in sharing information, yet like Introspectives are direct in their communications. They like to get to the point fast, but they love ‘small talk.’ Their big question: Why?
Next week we will cover Practical and Enthusiastic
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