July 18, 2024

Why are you wasting money?

A few months ago, the transmission on my car went out. I took it to the business across the street from my office that specializes in transmissions. They repaired it in record time and even charged me less than they quoted. I did not do the work on it myself nor did I take it to the shop where I take the car for general repairs. I took it to a specialist.
So what does this have to do with marketing my business? A lot. Most businesses owners do their own marketing without the knowledge to do it correctly. They just try things to see what might work without the proper prep work or record keeping. In most cases this wastes the owner time and money.
By working with someone who specializes in an area, you get what you need done properly the first time. At this time in my life, I specialize in direct mail marketing and how to integrate it into your Internet presence.  In the past I specialized in radio, television, newspapers and other areas. True I can help people in those areas, but I’m not as good or as up to date as someone who deals with it on a daily basis.
So when you’re marketing your business, when possible, hire a specialist to help you; you’ll save not only money but your time as well — and maybe even lower your stress level as a bonus.
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