July 18, 2024

Cold Calling, Why You Do It.

Good Morning
No one really likes doing cold calling, whether in person (door knocking) or on the phone (dialing for dollars). OK, I have met a few people over the past 20 years who like it, but I’ll write about them at a later date.
So, why do most business people and their sales staff do it?
Let’s go with the assumption that they do not know a better way and this is what they have read or been taught by “old timers.”
But there is a better way.
  1. Develop a profile of your best customers.
  2. Get a list of prospects that match your best customers.
  3. Before you call or knock on their door, warm them up to you and your business first.
Send them your printed newsletter, maybe with a cover letter that explains that they were recommended for a subscription. Also put them on your mailing list. Develop a special multi-step campaign using trip wires, special offers and information to warm them and get them to know you. Remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust.
Be a welcome guest instead of an unwelcome pest.
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Philip Freedman

Doctor of Customer Retention

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