July 15, 2024

Different Kind Of Networking Meeting

Good Day  
Wednesday I went to a weekly networking meeting that I have never been to. It was Sweet Networking Fort Worth (one of 3 or 4 networking groups) lead by Jeremiah Ozment of Ozment Media. This is an open group, so it’s not restricted to one person per industry and has no requirements. Twice a month he has speakers and during the other meetings he talks on a networking or marketing subject. He starts on time and ends on time (12-1 pm).
This week he talked about the type of people who attend networking events; pirates, tourists, citizens and kings/queens and how you can make money with each group of people, though your approach has to be different with each group. His networking meeting was quite different from the usual events in that during the 30-second introductions, he did not let anyone ramble on for more than a minute and not the 2-3 minutes some people take trying to sell their lotions or potions. Thank yous and announcements were not a big part of the meeting (he has them if there is time).The main part of the meeting is teaching people useful information. Networking happens before and after.
If you would like more information about any of the Sweet Networking events, you can either go to Meetup.com or contact Jeremiah at 972-890-3734.
Also the owner of CMIT Solutions was there and he has put together a list of over 90 networking events in the DFW area. If you would like a PDF copy of the list, text “list” to 817-402-2339.
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