July 18, 2024

Facebook, Google & Your Business

Good Morning 

On Monday it was announced that attorneys general from 48 states plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia were starting an investigation into Google and a number of attorneys general along with the Department of Justice were also looking into Facebook and how the companies have grown market share, whether they have reduced competition and controlled the flow of information. The investigation could take years and could change how Facebook and Google operate.
For more on the case Click here. So why should you as a small business care? There is a good chance that as the investigations continue, both Facebook and Google may decide to settle or come to an understanding. They may stop, change, or add practices and /or services. This could affect how you promote your business.
Years ago businesses used to promote their business and services using broadcast fax. Then a ruling came out that you needed prior consent for faxing to someone, and seemly overnight the broadcast fax industry was out of business. Businesses that depended only on faxing as their main method of promoting their services were left with no way to get the word out. They had to scramble to find and develop new methods to promote themselves. In the meantime they lost time, customers and income.
The lesson that they –and hopefully you– learned is to have multiple methods to promote your business and services before it’s too late.   
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Philip Freedman

Your Doctor of Customer Acquisition, Retention and Enhancement
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