July 15, 2024

How To Keep in Contact With Your Customers

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I was talking with a friend and we got around to how to keep in contact with your customers now that a lot of them are working from home. 
You can always phone them if you have their number (B2C businesses might not have their customers’ numbers). B2B, if you don’t have their business cell or personal cell number, try their office number; it might get answered or get forwarded to their cell number.
For B2C you can email them if you have their email address or you can mail them a card or letter if you have their mailing address. If you don’t have either and most of your customers live near your business, you can always do a post card using Every Door Direct. If done properly you can reach most of your customer base and others in the area, maybe even bring in new customers.
For B2B businesses, a letter or post card is one option, hopefully someone (usually the owner or manager) is still picking up the mail. Another option is to email them or better yet do both to make sure you get through. 
People are checking their email; inbox activity is up by 27%. During this time people want your emails to provide value, give them escapism even for a few moments and the ability to be productive. If you are doing a promotional email avoid using the following words: Coronavirus, Covid, Pandemic, Virus, Sanitizer and Mask, since spammers and phishing scammers are using these words at a high volume.
Also be direct and honest. Do not avoid acknowledging the “situation” in your subject lines. Mentioning the current state of things drives open rates. Examples like “In times like these, Working from home? We can help make your job easier,” or “Straying in? Here are some tips to be more productive around the house.”
What to know more? Let me know.
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