July 15, 2024

Marketing Maintenance

Good Morning

Early Wednesday morning (12 midnight) we in the Fort Worth area had very heavy rains and high winds (about 60 mph). As I write this, it’s still raining. A wet day. As I left Wednesday morning for the office, I noticed lots of sticks and bunches of leaves all over the front lawn. When I got home in the evening, it had stopped raining so I started picking up the sticks and leaves, bagging them as I went since Thursday is trash pickup day.
I now know where the low spots in the lawn are, but about half way through, my back started to hurt. Lots of bending over.  It only took about 30 minutes to pick up the sticks and leaves, and the rain started to return. It could have been worse (bigger branches). 
A few year ago during a storm we had a tree in the back yard and one of its main branches (a big thick one) landed on the edge of the porch roof and another branch fell on a different tree and our arbor. Luckily no damage was done, but it was a mess to clean up. Last year we had the big tree in our front yard trimmed, low hanging and dead branches cut off, so we only had minimum fallout this time. The neighbors next door had a big branch break and it is still partially hanging from the tree. I’m glad we did the maintenance on the tree last year. Hopefully we can have the ones on the side of the house done in the fall.
The point of this story is when you get old, bending over a lot picking up wet leaves will hurt your back.  Also if you do your maintenance beforehand you may still have to bend over and your back may still hurt, but only for a few minutes.
It’s the same with your business. If you keep up on your customer data base, when you need to talk to your customers you will be able to do it very quickly and effectively without much updating. If you are always communicating with them and have developed a relationship with them, then they will respond to your messages like you want versus “who is this person/business and why should I read the message” or “the only time I get contacted is when they want to sell me something.”
Are you continuously doing the maintenance you need to do on your business and experiencing very little pain or will you really be hurt when you can least afford it?  
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