June 13, 2024


Good Morning   I write this well before attending the HEB Chamber networking breakfast (Good Morning HEB), which is being hosted by my friends David and Michael who own Forest Ridge Funeral Home.  I hope to see a lot of people there. There might be a couple of bankers, a few … [Read more...]

Marketing Maintenance

Good Morning Early Wednesday morning (12 midnight) we in the Fort Worth area had very heavy rains and high winds (about 60 mph). As I write this, it's still raining. A wet day. As I left Wednesday morning for the office, I noticed lots of sticks and bunches of leaves all over the front lawn. … [Read more...]

Reach out and Touch Someone The Correct Way

 I've been asked a number of time how often a business should contact its customers. We're not talking about announcing a sale or such, just general communications.  A business can lose anywhere from 20-50% of its customer base each year. Some of the population move every year, undergo a lifestyle … [Read more...]