July 15, 2024

Virginia Tech Study Study Shows Digital Only Marketing/Advertising Is A Dangerous Temptation

Good Morning
A lot of companies and organizations have switched from printed materials to going all digital. The ones I’ve talked to say it’s to cut costs. I had a feeling that when they went digital, they lost readership and response.
The Internet marketing experts tell us that online is the way to go.
Well, I’ve got news to share. Robert G Magee of Virginia Tech (ow.ly/y6zYF) wanted to test the effectiveness of the print and online versions of the university alumni magazine on open rate and recall. Half of the subscribers got the print version, and the other half got an email link to the online version.
The Numbers
Those who recall getting the online version 49%, print 82%. Open rate: saying they looked at it and were able to recall any of the articles, 77% for print and 49% for online. People who viewed the print version recalled more articles than the online version.
On which delivery method they preferred: 63% of subscribers were for print and 26% for online, 11% said “both,” “neither” or “no preference” (ow.ly/y6ALI)(Source: Target Marketing 8/14).
What does this mean?
  • Print stands out
  • Print is better remembered
  • Print is better understood
If you want more customers who respond better to your offers, then resist the temptation to cut costs by cutting back on or cutting print in favor of cheap online/digital media. Better yet, use print to drive the online engagement and you will benefit from it.

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Philip Freedman

Doctor of Customer Retention

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