July 15, 2024

Do Not Waste Your Money Branding

I’m back from Dan Kennedy’s Super Conference in Chicago, and in the 4 days I was there I learned a lot. I also made plenty of business connections. All this will help you achieve a greater ROI from your marketing if you will let me help you.

One of the speakers, Lenny Lieberman, VP at Guthy Renker, confirmed something that I have believed for years. Don’t brand before you sell;

 build brand as you sell. Branding is a by-product of everything you do. It’s the bonus.

There are Branding Consultants (people who used to work for large corporations with money to burn) or Advertising Agencies (who want to win awards over getting customers for their clients) that tell you you need to brand your company first. Develop your brand, get your logo and name out there so people can see it. And if they see it enough, then they will remember you and do business with you someday.

My opinion is that’s BS. Most businesses cannot afford to waste resources to build a brand; they need to build a customer base and the best and only way is through direct response marketing from the start. Get your message out there and give people a great reason to take action. Track your responses, make the sale and then follow up again and again.

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