July 23, 2024

Don’t Be Wimpy , Grow A Pair!

Good Morning
Do you want your advertising to work, I mean really work? Do you want to get your customers to spend more money and do it more often?
Then you need to make your ads bold and plainly to the point.
Tell people why they should buy from you; give them a real reason.  Make it easy for them to do business with you. If your customer works until 5 or 6 pm each day, stay open later and maybe on the weekend. List multiple ways for them to contact you: not just a phone number or (as I see more often now) just a web site or just an email address.
You also have to be sure you have a great offer that your customers want and follow it with a super strong call to action. This is where most small business ads fall apart: The offer is wimpy and the call to action is weak to nonexistent. If you really believe in your products or services, then tell people and tell them plainly that they need you, why they need you and what action they need to take to get it.
Till Next Week –

 Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!