July 23, 2024

Expose Yourself

Yes, you read the headline correctly.

For almost two years now, I have been writing these weekly marketing tips. After talking with a number of people, I was told that these tips would be good in book form.

 After my 100th weekly tip, I will be starting on that project. But I need some help from you.

 I need you to send me your marketing question, problems and concerns. I will answer them here and in the book. I will also give you full recognition. Such as: “marketing question submitted by, Name, Company and web address or link.” You will be famous and published.

The book will not be an e-book but a softcover book.

 By submitting a question, you will be able to expose not only yourself but your business as well. Which is what we all want to do!

Now is the time to get your question answered, so do not procrastinate; email me now at tfc@freedcom.com, or call 817-282-0443.

Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action


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