July 15, 2024

Improve Your Lead Gen System

Good Morning
“Everyone is my customer” is a common refrain I hear from a lot of business owners. But we all know that not everyone is a customer. The big question is how do you separate the customers from the non customers? You don’t wait until they contact you! You get the prospective customers to signal that they are interested with a lead generation system.
A lead generation system or program is something as simple as offering a free report, checklist, white paper, or business/consumer guide on a subject matter that is of interest to your prospective customer in exchange for their name and email address. Then you can implement a drip email program to stay top of mind with them.
Once you have developed your list and basic system, you can take it to the next level by offering a tripwire and getting them to make a small purchase.
What kind of lead generation system do you have?  If you would like to improve yours or develop one, would you like to attend a live, in-person workshop or a webinar where that can be done? Contact me with your answer.
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Philip Freedman
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