July 18, 2024

It’s Too Hard

I was at the local chapter meeting of GKIC the other night, and the subject of thank-you cards came up. Out of the group that was there, only a few sent out thank-you cards. Those that did, sent them out only once for their new customers, not for every purchase that customer makes.

One person asked about using email for their thank you. We all talked about how it seems very impersonal and might not even get read. The best would be to send a handwritten card. A comment was made that it was too hard to handwrite the notes, and that their handwriting was not the greatest. You get the gist of it.

Then someone asked if sending a thank-you card using Send Out Cards was OK. It is OK if you will not do handwritten. The best way to use Send Out Cards is to have your signature scanned in and use your own handwritten font. This way you write it in your own hand and add your signature as well.

Some complain that it looks mechanical, which might be true, but it looks a lot better than, say, New Times Roman with your name in the same font (like those Christmas cards some people and companies send out with their names imprinted, really warm and personal).

Send Out Cards is still a lot better than email or nothing at all.

Next week, November 1-7, I will be at the GKIC Information Marketing Summit in Atlanta, where I will be learning the latest in marketing information-based products and services. You might be wondering how this helps you. Almost all of what I learn can be used to market any product or service including yours. Last year and learned how to do profitable Webinars, and the 1st of this year I used what I learned and turned it into a workshop on planning out your marketing. You could conduct a Webinar about any product or service that you offer.

Next week I’ll be blogging about what I learn, so check out my blog at www.thefreedmancompany.com which is also my new web site.

By the way, the next GKIC Marketing meeting is Nov. 14th from 6 pm -8:30 pm at Spring Creek Barbeque in Irving.

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