July 17, 2024

Know, Like & Trust

Good Day
Have you ever gotten multiple emails or phone calls from a business and they hound you to do business with them. They might tell you they have the lowest prices, the best customer service. If they sent me information I might keep it, but I might not.
Now the business person I meet face to face and get to know as well as they get to know me will have a better chance to do business with me.
As we get to know each other, we hopefully like each other and maybe develop a bond of trust and then become a vendor.
How do you get your prospects to know, like and trust you?
Stay in contact with them. This does not mean bombarding them with sales messages. It means sending them information that they can use and want. This leads them to liking you and then finally to trusting you as a valuable resource.
How are you going to become known, liked and trusted by your prospects so they become your customers?
Until next week,
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 Philip Freedman