July 22, 2024

Pick It Up

Good Morning

We are in the final weeks of summer. People are taking time off before the rush of the fall and start of school. For a lot of businesses, it’s slow.

 Need to pick things up?

 How about going through your customer list, finding your past customers, maybe the ones who haven’t done business with you for six months to a year. Send them a special welcome back offer.

 The reason you want to send offers to past customers is that they have done business with you in the past; so you hope they like you enough to do business with you again. Also they are the second most profitable and cost effective customers there are. Do you know what the first is?

 If you have not been in contact with past customers every month and haven’t contacted them in some time, then the best way to do so is to send them a handwritten note.

 If you have too many past customers or, like me, have really bad handwriting, you can send them post cards, flyers or lumpy mail sale letters.

 Don’t send them an email! Their email address could have changed. It might not get through the spam filters. They might have a special file or email address  for unexpected (unwanted) emails. They might put it into a file to be read later. Or they might skip it to read later or just delete it unread (how many times have you done that?).

 Let me help you stay in contact with your customers. We now offer several packages including monthly DFY post cards, Done For You  printed newsletters and a marketing coaching program that, unlike other programs that just tell you what you should do, will also do it for you! That includes giving you a free prospect list of up to 500 names Free per year and sending Jumbo full color post cards to the free prospect list or your list 4 times per year free and that includes printing and postage.

 Call me at 817-282-0443 or email me at  TFC@TheFreedmanCompany.com to get more information.

 Remember – Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!


The Freedman Co.

P.S. My book “The 11 Secrets Successful Business Use to Stand Out From Their Competition” will be ready next week. Cover price is $7.39.