July 17, 2024

Stop Steaming Me Up!

Good Morning

I go to a lot of networking events, you know, events to meet other business people with the hopes of getting a few leads, maybe drum up some new business. If I’m really lucky, get something to eat.

 What steams me up the most is when I’m talking to someone and I get to the point where I would like to get one of their business cards and — you guessed it — they did not think to bring enough or any business cards. The other scenario that I dislike, and this only applies to men, is when they reach for their wallet and pull out a worn business card.

 They’re at a business event where they are expected and encouraged to bring plenty of business cards, and they don’t. What are these people thinking? Why did they leave their home/office without business cards? Are they just there for the food and drink?

 If meeting and talking to you is the first impression, then your business card is the second impression and could last a lot longer than the first.

 Carry your cards in their own case and only present people with clean cards!

 Finally, carry them with you all the time; you never know when you will meet up with your next customer!

 That’s all for now! 


  1. That’s really annoying! What are they come for? They should bring enough cards if they are there for business.