July 17, 2024

Talk & Communicate

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I’m putting together a talk on the 7 Warning Signs of Lost Customer Syndrome. As I was writing it, I came upon #6 “You have not reached out to current or past customers in the past 6 months.”  This got me thinking that a lot of businesses are killing themselves because of this.
Most businesses reach out to their current and past customers a few times a year. Before I go further, no, posting on your Facebook page does not count as reaching out. Reaching out is proactive communication that you initiate. In other words, you have to make it very easy for your customers to get the message. Don’t make them go to your page or a web site.
You can send them a text message, email (if you have their permission) a printed newsletter, post card, sale letter, greeting card, phone call, hand written note, in-person visit, or send them a gift.
By proactively keeping in touch with your customer base on a regular (at least once a month) basis, you can cut your lost customer rate from 15-25% down to 5-10% and maybe even lower.
How much is keeping one good customer worth to you? Better yet, how much would you lose if you lost your best customer?
On another subject:  I am think of offering a series of Brown Bag Lunch & Learn on a number of marketing subjects with some nationally known experts on the subject at my office. Seating will be limited to 6-10 people. I am interested in what subjects you would like covered. Send your suggestions to me at: Phil@MyMarketingCure.com 
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