July 17, 2024

What Business Are You Really In

I was at my morning leads group. As most of you know, I don’t do mornings, but this one group – Networkz – meets Tuesday morning at 8:30 am. at 1901 Central Dr., 6th floor conference room , Bedford (Wells Fargo Office Building). For more information go to www.networkz.biz. OK, so much for the commercial plug. Now it’s time for an educational minute; this week’s topic: What business are you really in?

A lot of people who have a small business will run their main business and then pick up a side business or two, usually a MLM-type business, because they were told you only have to put in a few hours per week to earn a great income. Now before you all send me bad emails, I’m not knocking MLM when that is your main business. And most people who run a multi-level-marketing business run it as a full time business.

The point here is that when you run a side business, you are dividing your attention and focus. You are confusing your prospects as well. If you meet them and they know you as one type of business and then learn that you also do another business that is not related to it, it confuses them about what you really do and have the most interest in. Also if you are running two or more (most MLM’s are really 2 businesses in one) businesses, which one do you really want to be successful?

Before you get involved in another business, ask yourself, will this complement my existing business? Why do I need to start a second business? Am I putting my full energy into my business now? Am I tired of my business and need something new? What will this do to my primary business?

That’s all for now!