July 18, 2024

What Else I Can Do To Get Referrals? Do You Really Want Them?

 Last week I wrote about ways to get more referrals. Here are some more ways to get more customers each month.

Here is an easy one. Tell people what you want! Don’t ask them to just give you a referral, tell them exactly what kind of referral you need and what they must do to get it to you.

 You also need to develop sources for referrals. Use mavens, which are people who have access to groups of your customers. Use social events, chamber after hours and other events to meet mavens and look for referrals.

 An incentive-based campaign is a great way to get referrals. It also ties into recognition and rewards. Give people something for each referral you get from them. This can be as simple as a handwritten thank you note (which should be the absolute minimum you do) to more. Now what do you do when that referral turns into a customer?

 A construction company I know of has a web site for its customers, where they can list people who would be interested in a quote. The customers who list them get a $25 Home Depot card whether the referral becomes a customer or not, and if the referral does become a customer, then the person gets a $50 gift card on top of the one they already received.

Now you know a few more ways to get referrals. So Let me ask you the BIG question: Which one of these can you do to increase your business?

Let me know which ones you’ll do and how it works out for you.


  1. It always helps to actually hit the pavement and tell people about a product or brand that you believe in. After all, it’ll help with your bottom line!