July 18, 2024

Bills Still Come In, So Promote!

Good Day
Summer is here! This weekend we in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas will have temperatures that will hit 100 and above. Makes you thankful for AC. I have a new car that has great AC! The AC in my almost 16-year-old van with 250,000 plus miles died 2 weeks ago. That, the bad head gasket and my wife finally convinced me to look for a new vehicle.
Now I can listen to all my marketing CD’s while I’m driving. (My old van had a cassette player that died a few years ago.) So aside from just wanting to tell you I got a new vehicle, what is the point of telling you all this?
The point is that now I have car payments. I have another monthly bill. It’s summer, and people are taking vacations; some are just hanging out, taking it easy. But my creditor and probable yours as well still want to get paid. So we still have to get customers in the door and get them to spend money now in order to pay the bills, right?
So instead of sitting back and taking it easy because everyone else is, now’s the time to go out and market and promote your business while your competition is goofing off or on vacation.
A friend of mine is having a 4th of July Sale and is offering branded picture content that can be used with your business logo. It can be used for social media, on your website, and in your blogs and it can be included in your email marketing campaigns or anywhere you need content.
So the question I have to ask you is what are you doing to achieve freedom and bring in the customers so you can pay the bills this summer?
I’d like to wish all of my U.S. friends a happy and very safe 4th of July. May the hot dogs not be burnt and the fireworks be spectacular.
Happy 4th of July and until next week,
Great Things Happen, But You Have To Take Action, NOW!
P.S. Do you know anyone who needs marketing, internet marketing (email, social media), printing, direct mail or would like to improve their cash flow? If so, contact me.
 Philip Freedman
Your Doctor of Customer Retention