July 22, 2024

Contact Information

Good Morning,
I passed a van the other day that had a full vehicle wrap for a Tex-Mex place. They did catering and deliveries. They might have been a restaurant. They had art work of their food and stated that they did catering and deliveries.
In the 1980’s I worked for a radio station selling commercials. We would try to have the advertiser’s address with a nearby landmark announced at least once if not twice during the 30-second commercial. Sometimes we even put in the phone number, but we knew that it was almost impossible for people to remember a phone number until they could write it down somewhere. This was especially true during drive time; it was not like you could call from your car!
But that was the 80’s, and it’s now 2020! We all have phones with us 24/7 that are more internet-connected computer than phone.
Back to the Tex-Mex van. They did not make it easy to do business with them. It had no phone number, address, web site, Facebook or any contact information, not even a QR code!
I guess they did not want to get any business from the van. So why spend the money to wrap it if you’re going to to do a half way job. What a waste of money! I bet they had some graphic artist tell them all that contact information would ruin the design elements of the wrap. BULL! The van is an advertising tool, use it as such.
They needed to make sure people could contact them and do business with them. I know they lost at least one customer!
Are you making it almost impossible for people to do business with you? Make sure that you give them as many ways to contact you as possible all the time.
If your design person tells you that including your contact information prominently displayed will interfere with the design or flow of the art work, tell them BULLXXXX! Remember the purpose is not only to look good, but more importantly to bring in business! That’s what pays for the art work.
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Till next time.