July 17, 2024

Customer Lists

Good Day 
This might be a boring part of marketing and running your business, but if you put it off, it will cost you not only lost sales but money as well. I’m talking about customer list maintenance. UGH!
Clients send me their customer list that they want to mail to, and part of my job is to clean it up. I check to see who’s moved within the last 18 month, remove duplicates based on name and/or address, correct possible bad addresses or remove them and send them back a clean updated database, along with copies of what was removed.
On average I can remove 10-20% of a list on the first cleaning. On a list of 1000 names that could be as high as 200 names removed. That could save a lot of money.
I also have clients for whom we do mailings every month, and they keep up with their lists, so I have only a handful of changes each time (mostly people who have moved. Up to 20% of the population moves each year).
So if you want to save some money and maybe make a few sales as well, try keeping your customer list up to date and contact them on a regular basis as well. What do you have to lose?

If you need help with your customer list just contact me.
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