September 19, 2021

More Tips To Get Your Message Read

Good Morning Here is this week's Birthday Special: Customer List Hygiene, for the next week I will be offering to get your customer list in shape and ready to make you MONEY! In cleaning your list, the following will be performed on your list: check for duplicates, bad addresses, customers who've … [Read more...]

Customer Lists

Good Day  This might be a boring part of marketing and running your business, but if you put it off, it will cost you not only lost sales but money as well. I'm talking about customer list maintenance. UGH! Clients send me their customer list that they want to mail to, and part of my job is to … [Read more...]

Great Way to Piss off People and Here is a Freebe

Good Morning  Today in my mail I got 3 full-color catalogs from Lands' End. One was addressed to me, and the two others were addressed to people I do not know. I understand some companies send their stuff to everyone in a company, hoping they would hit the right people. This is the bomb them … [Read more...]