July 15, 2024

Elements You Need Get Responses

Good Day
The other day I got a very nice post card in the mail. It had nice graphics and colors and that’s about it. The bullet point type was about 8 point type which was too small for my eyes. But the main thing I noticed or not noticed was that there was no strong call to action.  The call to action was weak, only on one side of the card and was not followed by how to contact the sender. In fact the contact information was up at the very top of the card in about 8 point type.
I think the card was designed by a graphic artist who thinks looks are more important than getting the messaging correct.
Remember, if they don’t know what you’re offering or how it impacts them (WIIFM), if they are not given multiple ways on how to respond nor a deadline to do so (people will procrastinate and then not respond), then you won’t get any response and will have just a nice marketing piece.
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Dr. Philip Freedman C.A.R.E.

Philip Freedman

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